“The coming into being of the community marks a new beginning for over 630 million people

It embarked on the creation of a Europe like economic community about ten years ago, And it will be formally declared as an entity at the grouping’s summit a few days ago.Najib says there were still more work to be done, As creating a built-in economic community cannot be done overnight. Towards the southern states CHINA SEAKUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) The head of Southeast Asia’s main grouping says the region needs a legally binding agreement so as a maritime dispute with China is resolved peacefully, Because an existing declaration of amity has been proven as useless.The 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China signed the record, Known by its phrase DOC, From 2002, Promising in good faith to solve their territorial and jurisdictional disputes by peaceful means, While not"Relying on the threat or use of force, Secretary General Le Luong Minh tells The joined Press today that"The DOC has never been fully and effectively implemented which is the reason we need a new agreement which would be legally binding,He says such an agreement should be capable to not only preventing but also managing incidents such as"The ones that had been taking place, He did not name China but was referring to Beijing’s recent land reclamation and the building of artificial islands in the South China Sea.Ten Southeast Asian heads of state and nine world frontrunners, Including President obama, Are meeting in Malaysia to go over trade and economic issues. PREDICTIONKUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia says Southeast Asia will be the fourth largest market on the earth by 2050, Thanks to the organization of a regional economic community.Najib was speaking at a business achieving today, Held on the sidelines of a series of summits earlier this week, Led by the bureau of Southeast Asian Nations, And / or maybe.According to him: "The coming into being of the community marks a new beginning for over 630 million people, The birth of a region an entity that is a global economic force,.

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