Cachaça is the main ingredient of most local drinks. It’s served mixed with different fruits, with lemon and honey or on its own.

The drinks and cocktails elaborated with a regional touch and curious ingredients are served in bars, night clubs and restaurants.

This drink is made originally with ‘pinga’ (= ‘aguardente’, which is a distilled drink made from sugarcane, like rum), but you can use rum.


1 lime (the best would be to use a small yellow lemon called ‘galego’, in Brazil – if you find it, use 2 instead of 1 lime)
‘pinga’ (sugar and pinga are added to taste)
Ice cubes
Peel the lime not entirely – leave about 1/5 of the peel.
Cut into eighths, put into a glass.
Add sugar, somewhat covering the lime pieces (or to taste). Mash well, using a wood pestle. Add pinga (to taste), ‘washing’ the pestle while mixing well.
Break some ice cubes into pieces and add to the drink… and enjoy.


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