Bahia’s cuisine

Bahia is a feast of colors and flavors. The ancient indigenous recipes and the spicy African dishes were added to the exquisite Portuguese royal cuisine.

The “dendê” that came from Africa gives its special flavor to the oil used to prepare Bahia’s typical dishes, such as moquecas, mariscadas, caruru, acarajé and abará.

The countryside has different mixtures and flavors. Jerk beef, cakes and a variety of sweets prepared with fruits are some of the delicious dishes served at the bountiful countryside’s table.




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    Afro-Brazilian cuisine

    During the times of the great navigations, Portugal was a pioneer of the globalization phenomenon, sailing towards the commercial amplitude, the conquest of new...

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    Cachaça is the main ingredient of most local drinks. It’s served mixed with different fruits, with lemon and honey or on its own. The drinks and cocktails...

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    Typical food

    Lots of colors, tastes and flavors; the spice of Bahia’s typical cuisine, the peculiar diversity of the Sertão, the sweeties of all fruits and the variety...
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