Senhor dos Navegantes Festival

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Traditional popular celebration, this festival has a Portuguese origin, dating back from 1750. It includes two maritime corteges: the first one, on December 31st, goes from Largo da Boa Viagem to Conceição da Praia Church; the second one, on January 1st – one of the most popular of the city – with hundreds of vessels accompanying the Galeota Gratidão do Povo, which conducts the image of Our Lord of the Navigators along the waters of All Saints’ Bay, from the pier of the Second Naval District to Boa Viagem beach.

The event is preceded by a triduo, solemn mass and street festival, which becomes a real popular “New Year’s Eve” party in the evening of December 31st. The festival, however, starts to be prepared on December 27th. The maritime cortege, which involves sacred characters and places, refers to the Liturgical Dramas, initiated in the Middle Ages.
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