It has already been said that Salvador is a museum city. Its churches, convents, palaces and forts, with its antiques and pieces of furniture, confirm the myth. If on one side, each monument represents a museum to be admired, the public museums are the ones that facilitate a more complete vision of Bahia’s art.

Abelardo Rodrigues Museum

Inaugurated on June 5th 1981, on a floor of Solar do Ferrão (built in 1701), it shelters the most valuable private collection of sacred art of Brazil. There are 808 works of erudite and popular art from the 16th to the 19th century – images, paintings, oratories, altars, crosses and fragments of carving – exhibited in an area of 536 m². The pieces belonged to the collector Abelardo Rodrigues and were bought by Bahia’s state government.

Carlos Costa Pinto Museum

The private collection of Carlos Costa Pinto gave origin to 23 exhibition rooms of decorative art and paintings from the 17th to the 19th century. The asset of approximately, 3.200 pieces, reunites an impressive collection of silverwork, goldsmithery, China, crystals, furniture, paintings (especially the ones by Alberto Valença and Presciliano Silva) and works in ivory, opal, bronze and Chinese lacquer. The gold jewelry and the collection of 27 silver ornaments are the most valuable pieces.


Casa do Benin Museum

Inaugurated on May 6th 1988, it’s the result of the cultural exchange between Bahia and the African country Benin, through the city Cotonou. This museum belongs to Gregório de Mattos Foundation; it has a colonial facade and the interior was designed by the architect Lina Bo Bardi. The asset presents pieces of the popular art of Cotonou, in Benin, and temporary exhibitions of local artists.

Geological Museum

Created in 1975, its asset is formed by 2.500 registered samples of minerals, rocks and fossils, 80 objects related to the rudimentary technique of goldsmithery and mining, besides historical-scientific documents. The quartz collection is a highlight (Bahia’s main exporting mineral).


Other museums

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Museu da Cidade
Museu Abelardo Rodrigues
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