Home to several artistic segments, Bahia invites you to know the peculiarities of its crafts. Some objects amaze visitors, with themes that carry the most unusual characteristics of this state.
The craftsmen don’t forget any source of inspiration from nature wonders to religious beliefs. In some cities, tens of huts, arranged in fairs, offer a large variety of souvenirs.



Maragogipinho’s art
This small village, district of the neighbor city Aratuípe, is famous for its craft. The production of ceramic, known as one of the most beautiful in the region, reaches from 700 to 1200 caxixis – interlaced baskets, filled with small beads, shells, stones or beans – per day. Vases, bottles, plates and decorative objects keep the tradition of clay craft alive.

The pottery factories are located at the margin of Jaguaribe River and those who wish may visit them.

Tip: it’s possible to make a boat tour from the cities of Nazaré, Jaguaribe or Cacha-Pregos, at Itaparica Island.
How to get there: from Nazaré, 5km through BA-001 southbound, turn left on the crossroad for Aratuípe. From there, it’s 5 kilometers more until Maragogipinho.
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