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A rich and culturally diverse land, Bahia offers a valuable insight into the fascinating history of Brazil. From the secular churches to the typical artisanal products of the towns of the interior, from the diverse beliefs of its miscegenated people to the rites and myths of the local folklore, the state is a true mosaic of attractions for anyone who wants to discover Bahia in all its magic and poetry.
Home to the orixás (African gods of candomblé), patuás (candomblé amulets) and babalorixás (priest of candomblé); as well as of all the Christian saints; Bahia is also the land of rites and myths. The diverse expressions of the local folklore demonstrate the great wealth of the popular imagination. Rodas de samba, Puxadas de Mastro, Capoeira, Terno de Reis, Bumba-meu-boi, Afoxé and many other festivals and rhythms colour and animate the unshakeable faith of the Bahians, in the capital as much as in the country. A mosaic of festivals and celebrations, result of the great cocktail of African, indigenous and Portuguese beliefs, give this state the unique flavour of Bahianity.
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    The fight The capoeira arrived in Brazil in the 16th century, with the slaves of the banto ethnic group, who came from Africa with their customs, religions, outfits...

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    Home to several artistic segments, Bahia invites you to know the peculiarities of its crafts. Some objects amaze visitors, with themes that carry the most unusual...

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    Bahia of all rites Land of Orixás, Land of the Cult of All Saints, Bahia is also the Land of all rites and myths. The diverse folkloric expressions display...

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    It has already been said that Salvador is a museum city. Its churches, convents, palaces and forts, with its antiques and pieces of furniture, confirm the myth....

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    Starting point of the national music, Bahia emits melodies in each corner; in the swing of the girls dancing samba; in its streets and squares; in the presentations...

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    Palaces and Mansions

    Besides churches, the Portuguese marked Bahia’s architecture with the construction of palaces, mansions, luxury houses and simple residences, which form the...

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    Samba de Roda

    Accompanied by atabaques (drums), rattleboxes and guitars, the singer chants, followed in choir by the dancing group. Linked to the Orixás Cult, capoeira and food...
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