Carnival’s circuits


 Biggest street festival of the world, Salvador’s carnival grew so much that it’s now divided in three circuits.

Big as it is, Salvador´s Carnival is divided in three different circuits.

The biggest street festival of the world, Salvador´s carnival became so crowded that nowadays it´s simultaneously divided in three circuits. For those who prefer something quieter, Batatinha Circuit, in Pelourinho, is the best option. Dodô and Osmar Circuits are the right choice for the ones looking for the shows of the great names of “Axé music”.

Batatinha Circuit

Comprehending Municipal and Sé squares, besides the famous Pelourinho, Batatinha Circuit has become each year more beautiful, cheerful and organized.
During Carnival, amid colonial mansions, picturesque streets and a very special atmosphere, bands go along Pelourinho playing old carnival songs that attract a crowd. Because of its calm program, this circuit is sought after by families that prefer a calmer carnival, away from the traditional circuits. The stage built in front of the City Hall, on Municipal Square, has become famous for the parades and costume contests.

Dodô Circuit

For the majority of Bahia’s carnival admirers, Dodô Circuit represented a real revolution in terms of infrastructure and comfort. As Carnival became the biggest street festival of the world, the traditional circuit became small for the increasing number of local people and tourists.
This “new” circuit connects the beautiful beaches of Barra and Ondina, in a route of approximately 4km, marked along its extension by an astonishing view of All Saints’ bay. Carnival associations concentrate at Farol da Barra (Barra Lighthouse), where the parade starts, and go on until Ondina district under the sound of the trios. It’s also possible to enjoy Carnival from one of the many boxes assembled by the sides of the streets.

Osmar Circuit

It was in this circuit that Salvador witnessed the most remarkable episodes of its carnival’s history. Its 6km route has the charm of the downtown old mansions and the atmosphere of many unforgettable carnivals. It is the oldest route, also known as the traditional route.

People gather at Corredor da Vitória and then go along Campo Grande and Sete Avenue, Carlos Gomes Avenue and stop at Hotel da Bahia. The last three days of Carnival are the best ones at this circuit, with presentations of the best axé music stars.
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