Mesmerizing waterfalls amid forest areas that shelter fauna and flora of rare beauty. More than admiring, it’s a good idea to enjoy the attractions, in a varied menu, to suit all tastes: with relaxing baths, natural sliders, Tyrolean crossings and rappel adventures under the warm sun of Bahia.


Acaba Vida Waterfall and Redondo Waterfall

Surrounded by mountain ranges, the city of Barreiras is intersected by several clear water rivers, which surprise with wonderful waterfalls. Fed by Janeiro River, the Acaba Vida Waterfall floods a green valley with well preserved murity palms. It’s 36m of free fall and a breathtaking view, framed by the woods.

The nascent of the river forms a natural pool of rare beauty. The waterfall is 58km away from the city, through BR-020 and 1 more kilometer on dirt road to reach this piece of paradise. Around 20km from Acaba Vida is Redondo Waterfall, a round waterfall that forms a big clear pool with three meters in depth.

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Água Branca Waterfall

 Situated in a Private Reserve of the Natural Heritage, in Água Branca Farm, the waterfall, of the same name, falls in an exquisite curtain of white foam, 30 meters high and great for bathing. The visitor passes through an ecological trail amid the dense forest, home to a variety of animals and fauna to get to the waterfall. In the route there are buffalo farms.

The biggest part of the trail is humid and with lots of shades. There is also a fluvial island, where there is a kiosk where it’s possible to enjoy the beautiful view. Besides, from the top of the  an astonishing panoramic view

Água Branca Waterfall

Situated in a Private Reserve of the Natural Heritage, in Água Branca Farm, the waterfall, of the same name, falls in an exquisite curtain of white foam, 30 meters high and great for bathing. Visitors pass through an ecological trail amid the dense forest, home to a variety of animals to get to the waterfall. Along the route there are buffalo farms.

The biggest part of the trail is humid and with lots of shadow. There is also a fluvial island, where there is a kiosk where it’s possible to enjoy the beautiful view. Besides, the waterfall formed by Gereba River is great for rappel.

How to get there: from Valença, go on for 5km on BA-001 road, northbound. Then turn left and go on for 8km until Água Branca Farm. In the farm there’s a trail that leads to the waterfall (around 30 minutes on foot).

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Cachoeirinha (small waterfall)

At Rio do Meio Farm, the buffaloes’ green pastures divide the landscape with three beautiful waterfalls formed by Itapicuru River. At the first one visitors may have a good time with kayaks and other leisure equipment. Trails on foot or on horseback, in close contact with nature, give access to the other two.

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Dona Zilda Waterfall

At Santo Antônio Farm, the crystal clear waters of Imbassaí Pequeno River form rapids and a small waterfall that provides delicious baths amid coconuts groves, cashew trees and pastures. There’s a parking lot for visitors.
Tip: if the access is closed, get in contact with the owners that live in front of the property.
How to get there: it’s at km10 of BA-099 road, northbound. The dirt road, in good condition, leads to Barro Branco settlement. The entrance to the waterfall is 800m away from the paved road.

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Fumaça Waterfall

Due to the height of 420 meters the water that comes from the Larguinha stream goes up with the wind, instead of going down on  Fumaça waterfall. This causes an effect similar to smoke (fumaça, in Portuguese). It is so windy up there that in order to get to the edge of the cliff it is necessary to crawl. Another way to go to this waterfall is walking through a trail of about 27 kilometers, leaving from Lençóis. The walk lasts three days and some people camp in the canyon.


Índios (Indians) Waterfall

Recently discovered by ecotourism lovers, Indíos Waterfall, of approximately 5 meters in height, forms a natural pool excellent for bathing. The narrow wood bridge, in the best indigenous style, and the waterfall amid the woods, are an invitation for a perfect day in contact with nature. In the surroundings there’s also an area suitable for picnics. The most adventurous ones may try a trail in the woods. Formed by Subauma River, the waterfall is around 5km away from Linha Verde Road, opposite to the sea.
How to get there: 6km from Porto Sauípe to Linha Verde. Follow 21 km mor, northbound, passing by the access to Subaúma. On the left, a dirt road leads to the parking lot (5 km). From there on, a trail goes to the waterfall.

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Itacaré’s Waterfalls

Known as a surfers’ paradise, Itacaré is also famous for the ecotourism in the Cocoa Coast. Beaches of strong waves and coconut groves divide the landscape with rivers and waterfalls, amid the Atlantic Forest. The small waterfall of Ribeira, flanked by rocks and closed forest; Usina Waterfall, in the beautiful Providência Farm, main route of cocoa production during the golden times of the so called “black gold”; the limpid waters of Carioca Waterfall ; the 40 meters in height of one of the biggest waterfalls of the region of Pancada Cachoeira, also known as “Bride’s Veil”; Pinheiro, do Adorno, Rio do Engenho Waterfalls and many others make the city of Itacaré a real ecological paradise, in a blend of fresh and sea water amid an intact fauna and flora. Ideal destination for those who wish to relax and enjoy the best of nature. The highlight is Cleandro Waterfall that, amid the nature wonders of Contas River, contemplates visitors with its 20m in height, forming a natural pool, which is great for swimming. The waterfall is inside a farm with cocoa and clove crops, besides a restaurant. Visitors may choose between going on a boat or a canoe along Contas River up to Engenho River (approximately 30 minutes) and enjoying nature in the farm, in a ten minute walk to the three beautiful waterfalls.

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Lençóis’ Waterfalls

For those looking for ecological tourism, Lençóis is a must. Caves, canyons, trekking in the woods, rivers and waterfalls are part of experiencing nature in the region.

One of the most beautiful points is Sossego Waterfall; a waterfall in successive levels, built in sandstone and conglomerates, and which falls for around 25 meters in. The access starts in an old mining trail, flanked by sandstone formation, and follows along the bed of the river, in the middle of a big canyon, surrounded by vegetation. Besides the fantastic view, diving in the dark waters is revitalizing. This tour is not viable when it’s raining, so don’t forget to pray for good weather.

Near the city, Cachoeirinha (small waterfall) has around 8 meters of free fall, coming down between rocks. Its crystal clear waters provide a delicious bath. Few meters away, Serrano Waterfall is a sequence of waterfalls and wells, some with formation of the “moon valley” kind, from where one of the most beautiful views of Lençóis can be enjoyed.

Mucugezinho River runs on slabs, forming slides and holes, like the amazing Diabo Well. Between canyons and huge walls, the outline of the landscape is astonishing. The fearless ones may risk jumps, at 22m high, or go down with a Tyrolean crossing until the refreshing water. The stone bed of the river forms several waterfalls, like the one that’s named after the river. The waterfall of Mucugezinho River is located on the right margin, 18km away from Lençóis. It’s 15m by car and 10m on foot approximately. The place has a good infrastructure of bars.

At Ribeirão do Meio, more rapids in slippery slabs form new slides; guaranteed fun in the slides and a delicious dive in the creek. Going down the river, there’s Ribeirão de Baixo, where you can find a trail to the mines.

Formed by Grisante Creek, Primavera Waterfall, of cool and strong waters, offers a relaxing natural hydro massage. The different color, in rusty shades, is the result of the stone terrain where the waterfall disembogues. Two trails lead to this piece of paradise, with a panoramic view of Lençóis. The most adventurous ones may follow through the bed of the river. The waterfall is 4km away. 

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Oco (hollow) Waterfall

Formed by Almas River, with a fall of 10m, the waters of this waterfall form fantastic rapids, ideal for rafting. Bathing there requires care; as the name suggests, there’s a hole in the rock barrier close to the waterfall and the strength of the waters, which can be dangerous, can push people to the hole. To get there, there’s a trail amid the woods.

Tip: the place has no touristic infrastructure

How to get there: from Nilo Peçanha take the road BA-001, turn left after the bridge over Almas River. Go on a dirt road until the margins of Almas River.

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Ramalho and Três Barras Waterfalls

The historical city of Andaraí keeps exquisite natural treasures, such as Ramalho and Três Barras Waterfalls. It’s impossible to be indifferent to the beauty of these two waterfalls. The way that leads to them, begins to put visitors in a special mood, in tune with the atmosphere of Chapada Diamantina.

Ramalho Waterfall, formed by Baiano River, presents astonishing scenery, with a fall of approximately 80 meters. The access trail, cutting the bed of the river, is around 6km in length. Along the way, innumerous wells and small waterfalls are an invitation for refreshing baths, and a kind of preview of what the tour reserves for the end. Three kilometers away from Andaraí, Três Barras Waterfall has three water falls in sequence.

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Roncador Waterfall

 Amid the woods, Copioba River forms a waterfall followed by rapids and a big natural well; it’s Roncador Waterfall, with waterfalls that are excellent for baths. A trail, on the left margin, leads to a private area with a 3 meter waterfall that emerges from the middle of a rock excavated by the creek. From a distance it gives the impression of a cave.
How to get there: it’s 4km away from Nazaré (BA-001) towards Terminal de Bom Despacho. A crossroads on the left leads to a dirt road towards Copioba-Açu (1km more up to the waterfall).

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Santa Clara Waterfall

Mucuri River springs from Chifre Mountain, in Minas Gerais, but is navigable only in Bahia, where it disembogues forming the beautiful Santa Clara Waterfall. There are two falls, with 20 meters in height, surrounded by dense woods. More than 45 species of fish accompany visitors in their  relaxing bath.
It’s located 82km away from Mucuri.

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Urubu (vulture) Waterfall

Ideal for cascading (rappel in waterfalls) and climbing, Urubu Waterfall, formed by Quelembe River and hidden by the woods, has approximately 20 meters in height, falling in a small deep lake.

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Zé Maria Waterfall and Robalo Well

Known for its natural wonders, which include beaches with crystal clear waters and untouched spots of Atlantic forest, the Cocoa Coast has several other tour options. Two of them are near Uruçuca, Robalo Well and Zé Maria Waterfall, with good trekking trails.

Surrounded by the native forest, the waterfall attracts for its beauty. The water flows down the rocks that resemble a stairway, and vistors may sit and be massaged by the rapids. A little further, the option is a relaxing bath in the dark waters of Robalo Well.

How to get there: Take BA-001 towards Ilhéus/Itacaré, go on for 2km after the entrance to Serra Grande, turn right and go on for two more kilometers until the waterfall.

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