Sung by the poets of Bahia’s music, Abaeté Lagoon is one of the main postcards of Salvador. Its dark waters, surrounded by a vast stretch of white sand, create an enchanting contrast, highlighted by the blue sky with white clouds and the sunrays; it’s a true nature’s aquarelle.

It’s more than five meters deep and its dark color is due to the big amount of minerals and microorganisms present in its entire extension. The dunes, formed by sand brought by the wind from the beaches of Itapuã and surroundings, were carefully framed by the vegetal covering throughout the years. The flora, exuberant, has rare specimens of orchids amid fruit trees such as guava and cashew. Feel free to taste these tropical wonders, true gifts from nature.  

Abaeté Lagoon is the result of the damming up of rivers that ran in the region and rain water. Its water streams don’t mix causing different temperatures in its entire extension. The visitor enjoys the refreshing bath while relaxing and enjoying Bahia’s spice.
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