Exuberant landscapes by calm rivers or sea waves. From the north to the south of the state, there are more than 40 islands, between fluvial and maritime, with striking nature that keep secular ruins of Colonial Brazil. They provide adventures with historical and cultural touches or, simply, an opportunity to enjoy quietness and tranquility under the tropical sun.


Bimbarras Island

Home to rare species of birds, Bimbarras Island is a true mosaic of landscapes, amid preserved Atlantic Forest, mangroves, paradisiacal beaches and fields. The entire area of natural vegetation was transformed in preservation reserve, registered with IBAMA, in one of the biggest projects of its kind in the country, which allies, in perfect harmony, low density tourism to a productive farm located at the center of the island; an example of sustainable development to be followed.

The island is private property, it’s necessary to contact Bimbarras Agropecuária S/A in advance to visit it. The access is exclusive for boats or schooners.

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Boipeba Island

Located at the south of Tinharé, Boipeba island has a variety of ecological trails for the aspiring “explorers”.

It shelters the settlements of Velha Boipeba, Moreré and São Sebastião. The Holy Spirit Mother Church from the beginning of the 17th century is located in Vellha Boipeba. In São Sebastião, we can highlight the church of San Sebastian from the beginning of the 20th century.

The access to the island is made through a dirt road until the settlement of Torrinhas or on board of tractors – known as bugs – that leave from Morro de São Paulo. The tour leaves from Terceira Praia (Third Beach) and goes on through a trail inside the forest, passing by a settlement and Garapuá Lagoon, until Pontal Beach, where people make the crossing to the island. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the landscape.


Bom Jesus Island

Amid mangroves and dense forest, between the islands of Madre de Deus and Frades (Friars), Bom Jesus Island designs a beautiful scenery with Bom Jesus dos Passos Church in the background. The calm blue sea is ideal for fishing and nautical sports. Pontinha and Ponte do Padre are the most sought after beaches. The island also has an ample area, suitable for camping. In the village, of colorful little houses, the visitor finds a good infrastructure.

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Fantasia (Fantasy) Island

Surrounded by the waters of São Francisco River, Fantasia Island is located in the middle of Sobradinho Lake, with huge dunes and panoramic view. The access for visitors is free. There’s a restaurant in the island.

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Fontes (fountains) Islands

Famous for the innumerous fountains spread all over its extension – that’s the origin the name -, Fontes Island is around 5km away from São Francisco do Conde. Its fountains are the biggest ones in the region and the water is considered the best. The island shelters also the ruins of an old sugar mill. It belongs to a group of farm workers, but it’s open to the public.

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Garças Island and Atalaia Island

The 17km of beaches, coconut groves, reserves of Atlantic Forest and mangroves along Canavieiras are surrounded by the fluvial islands of Pardo River and by seven marine islands, among which Garças Island and Atalaia Island stand out.

Ecological sanctuary, shelter of the white herons that cut the blue sky at sunset, the island attracts a big number of visitors in search for the famous medicinal black mud, of therapeutic properties.

Paradise of surf and fishing, Atalaia Island has a complete infrastructure of hotels, inns, bars and restaurants. It’s connected to the city by Antônio Carlos Magalhães Bridge.

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