Viver Bahia

Sang in prose and verse, Bahia is, definitely, the Land of Happiness, as described by Ary Barroso, in the song Na Baixa do Sapateiro. But why has Bahia enchanted so many people? The answer can only be given by those who know Bahia, its nature wonders and also its culture and people, fruits of the miscegenation of the Indigenous, the European and the African, who connected here, generating a magical, involving and mysterious energy.

It was not few those who tried to translate this magic into words. It is certain that Bahia is all that has been spoken about it and much more. Should it be possible to synthesize this feeling, the closest word would be diversity. Bahia is indigenous, black and white; it is the blend of all the possible combinations between these people. It is catholic, evangelical and of afro-descendant cults; from the candomblé rites to its 365 churches, it is of all faiths. Bahia is pop, reggae, rock and axé. It is baroque, neoclassic and modern. It is sun and sea but it is also the dryness of the sertão lands. It is the Upper and LowerCity and it is also rural. It is rappel but also golf, canyoning, canoeing and diving.

That is the reason why the people from Bahia keep repeating Dorival Caymmi’s symbolic verse: Have you been to Bahia, nega?  No? then go, then go, then go…

And be all very welcome!

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