Sport and Adventure

Bahia was already born with a great potential for extreme sports. At sea, it relies on the greatness of the All Saints’ Bay and more than a thousand kilometers of seashore, from the Coconut Coast, at the border of Sergipe, to the Whale Coast, in the extreme south region. There are more than 40 tourism destinations and 300 beautiful beaches, which give tourists the possibility of doing whatever they want to exercise and have fun. 

For those who look for a blend of sport, nature and adventure, the challenge will be deciding where to go and what to do: biking, canoeing/buoy crossing, canyoning, horse riding, diving, motorcycling, motocross, parachuting, sport fishing, rafting sand board, surf, rappel, trekking and  hang-gliding are some of the options for adventurers.

Among them, the mountains and caves awake the desire for challenges with rappel and climbing. The most adventurous people prefer cascading – rappel in waterfalls – exploring the region’s beautiful waterfalls. The city of Paulo Afonso is one of the favorite places for extreme sports. The area near São Francisco River’s canyon is the starting point for rappel, as well as the Metallic Bridge is the most suitable place for bungee-jumping. Owner of a rugged relief, from where innumerous waterfalls spring, Chapada Diamantina has excellent locations for rappel and canyoning. If going down hills, buildings and viaducts is already a thrill for people who enjoy these modalities, it’s possible to imagine the level of adrenaline and pleasure achieved when the sceneries are the main mountains and waterfalls of Lençóis’ region.

Adventure tours

With the development of adventure tourism, many extreme sports started to be offered in travel packages, ecological and adventure tours. Rappel is Bahia’s best known and developed extreme sport modality. The technique emerged from canyoning and climbing, and today is very much used in adventure tourism, especially through cascading (rappel in waterfalls), which has grown significantly in the state.

Rappel is not easy and requires a lot of courage. The work with ropes is extremely delicate. It is necessary to choose a suitable place to install the ropes with safe knots, show some skills when going down and use the protection methods of the ropes, avoiding attrition and guaranteeing a journey down with extreme and thrilling maneuvers. 

Participants should have their own equipment, such as helmet, professional ropes, cables and safety seat. The Tyrolean crossing (a rope extended between two points, where the tourist holds on to a small wheel), bungee-jumping, trekking or climbing are also some of the possibilities that Bahia’s Western region offers in terms of extreme sports.




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