Fishing and tourism – two of Brazil’s vocations – may be improved if worked together, considering the territorial dimension, coastal and water extension and the diversity of the country’s ichthyofauna. Although there are reports of fishing as a leisure activity since the middle of the 20th century, only from 1998 it started to be officially considered a tourism segment, with the incentive of the National Program for the Development of Amateur Fishing (PNDPA), executed by the Ministry of Environment and Ibama and also by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and Embratur.

With the creation of the Ministry of Tourism, in 2003, the challenge of structuring this kind of tourism was undertaken, from the definition of policies and development strategies. In order to do that, a partnership with the Special Secretariat of Aquiculture and Fishing of the Republic Presidency (SEAP/PR) was established, besides the intense and consolidated joint work with the PNDPA, Ibama and other collaborators. As a result, a conceptual landmark was defined.

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