Strolling along the vineyards, participating in grape harvest, watching closely the preparation of wine, these have already been distant dreams for many people. A tour, which until a few years ago would only be possible in Europe or in the south of Brazil, is already a reality in Bahia’s São Francisco Valley, the second biggest production pole of national wine.

 The new tour includes also city tour of Juazeiro, homeland of João Gilberto and Ivete Sangalo, and a visit to Sobradinho Dam, with a panoramic view of the lake that has the same name, the second biggest artificial lake of the world. In the dam there is also the only dam system of the North/Northeastern region.

Allied to the production of wine, the visitor may also taste the typical food of Bahia’s Sertão, such as goat and lamb meat and the traditional maxixada, among other specialties, served in the restaurants of the cities of the region.

The high content of sugar is the main characteristic of the wines of São Francisco Valley, caused by sun exposition during more than three thousand hours per year. The quality of the wines has been recognized with the awarding of innumerous gold and silver medals in national and international contests.

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