African Heritage


Salvador has the largest population of people of African descent outside Africa, representing more than 80%. Food, religion, culture, music, dance and art from African people can be found here. To honor this legacy, African Heritage Tourism, which suits the State of Bahia so well, has been declared a priority segment.
Specific heritage tours have been created such as the one to the neighborhood of Liberdade, which is home to the largest population of African descent in Brazil, approximately 600,000 inhabitants. The Afro-Carnival Association Ilê Aiyê, founded in 1974, is one of the main attractions.  The group has been a pioneer in promoting social inclusion through art and music, which pay homage to the residents’ African roots.
An Afro-centric calendar of events and tours has been developed as a guide for visitors who come to Salvador, providing cultural information on activities throughout the year. Some heritage tours include a visit to a Candomblé house of worship or terreiro – with information on the preservation of Bahia’s religious heritage and respect for African traditions.



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