Western Bahia and Chapada Diamantina



Chapada Diamantina offers a wide range of outdoor adventures for beginners and experienced explorers.

This is a tour which combines the long-established tourist destination of Chapada Diamantina with the up and coming destination of Western Bahia, which has a great tourist potential, given its rich water sources, sheer cliffs, waterfalls and caves. The national park of Chapada Diamantina boasts a great wealth of attractions: waterfalls, caves, canyons, mountains, historic towns dating from the Diamand and Gold Years, as well as outdoor activities for beginners and more experienced explorers.

Western Bahia also has a fairly advanced infrastructure which caters for both eco and adventure tourism. Rafting, rappelling, zip-lining, spelunking and hiking are just some of the activities on offer. Barreiras, one of the towns of the area, is serviced by a regular daily flight, which markedly facilitates travel to the area. Luís Eduardo Magalhães, in developing his concept of agro-business, brought a hotel structure designed to cater for international demands. This tour is thus appropriate for all different kinds of visitors and holds great promise for eco and adventure tourism in Bahia.

1st day : Arrival in Barreiras by car or by plane. Reception and lodging in either Barreiras or Luís Eduardo Magalhães. After lunch, we head to the town of São Desidério where we will visit Sumidouro, the curious phenomenon of a river which surges up through a gap creating 50 cm height differences in 5 minute intervals. From the Sumidouro, we will drive to the Unity of Environmental Conservation where we will hike to the lookout point of Lagoa Azul, a glassy lake of crystal waters and extraordinary beauty. The trip finishes with a visit to the majestic and imposing Catão Cave, formed by scaled limestone, with a small stream that runs down the middle of the river bed. We then return to the hotel for the night. Total trail distance: 6km.

2nd day – After breakfast, we head to the Sítio do Rio Grande, a district of São Desidério for rappelling and Zip-lining on the Paredão Deus-me-livre, a wall over 40 metres high, from which you can abseil and zip-line into the waters of the Rio Grande.  A break for lunch then Rafting on a river with Level 2 rapids; appropriate for beginners.  We will then visit an archeological site and its unusual cave paintings, the Site of the Glittering Stones, where stone structures formed beneath the ocean housed the indigenous people hundreds of years ago. Total trail distance: 1km.

3rd day – After breakfast, we set off on a trail from São Desidério, which takes us down an enormous canyon  to the Gruta do Buraco do Inferno, home to the largest subterranean lake in Brazil. We will then take a small boat into the depths of the cave, where stalactites and stalagmites burst forth from its walls. The perfect spot for the keen speleologist. Total trail distance : 4km.

4th day – After breakfast, we head to Chapada Diamantina, where we will stay for the next few days. Towards the end of the afternoon, we will visit the Morro do Pai Inácio, where we can appreciate the beautiful panoramic view and the sunset. We return to Lençóis to spend the night. Total trail distance: 1km.

5th day – After breakfast, we visit the bathing pools of Rio Mucugezinho and Poço do Diabo (Devil´s Well), where rappelling and zip-lining are on offer. After lunch, we visit the Fazenda Pratinha, to see the Gruta Azul (Blue Cave), swim in the Gruta da Pratinha and the crystal waters of Rio Pratinha. Towards the end of the afternoon, we will visit the Gruta da Lapa Doce and then return to Lençóis for the evening. Total trail distance: 5km.

6th day - After breakfast, we head to the outskirts of Lençóis, with quick stops at the Cachoeira da Primavera, Salão de Areias Coloridas, Poço Halley, Cachoeirinha, Serrano and Mirante. After lunch, we will hike towards Riberão do Meio where we there is a natural slide into the river. Total trail distance: 15km.

7th day – After breakfast, we head to the Valley of Capão (near Palmeiras, also known as Caeté-Açú), where we will set out on the trail to the Cachoeira da Fumaça, one of the tallest in Brazil, with a drop of almost 380 metres. There is a stunning view of the valley from the path up to the waterfall. Packed lunch will be provided at the waterfall. We will have dinner and spend the night in Capão. Total trail distance: 11km.

8th day – Transfer to Barreiras or Salvador for the return flight. Travel safely and return soon for the wide range of tours on offer!

Optional activities:

Western Bahia:
• Rafting in the Rio das Fêmeas on level 5 rapids.
• Tour of the Waterfalls – Cachoeira do Acaba Vida, Cachoeira do Redondo and Cachoeira do Rio do Ouro
• Rappelling into the Cachoeira do Acaba Vida
• Rock-climbing on the Paredão Deus-me-livre
• Boat trip on the River de Ondas

Chapada Diamantina:
• Trek through the Valley of Pati
• Hike to Cachoeira do Buracão
• Hike to Cachoeira da Fumacinha
• Hike to Poço Azul
• Rappelling down the waterfalls of Fumacinha and Buracão
• Hikes to the Sossego and Mixil waterfalls.

Agencies that run this tour:
Central do Turismo | + 55 77 3611 3053 | recepca@centraldoturismo.com
Nativos da Chapada | + 55 75 3334 1314 | nativosdelencois@hotmail.com
Destino Chapada Turismo | + 55 75 3334 1484 | turismo@destinochapada.com.br
Caminhos do Oeste Rafting e Expedições | + 55 77 3623 2053 | caminhosdooeste@hotmail.com



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