Trekking in the Valley of Pati

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Trekking in the Valley of Pati
Mother Nature was very generous with Bahia… Aside from its beautiful and diverse coast, Bahia is also home to numerous waterfalls, caverns, grottoes, hills, rivers and trails in the national park of Chapada Diamantina, an expansive area of 152 thousand hectares.
One of the great treks of Chapada is through the Valley of Pati, considered one of the most beautiful in the country. The trail leads from the Valley of Capão to Andaraí, passing beautiful unexplored waterfalls and high plains which provide magnificent views of the landscape, as well as the isolated settlements of the local communities who have little contact with the outside world.
This trip is the fruit of a grassroots project which works in conjunction with the local community, working towards the sustainable development of the region, and which, aside from protecting the environment, generates a new and important income for the inhabitants of Chapada Diamantina, who receive hikers in their homes with utmost respect and kindness, and assure high standards of hygiene.
Furthermore, the company Venturas e Aventuras strives to adhere, together with ABETA (The Brazilian Association of Tourist and Adventure Companies), to the certificate of Sistema de Gestão de Segurança (Health and Safety) which indicates how to run such a tour according to the norms of the ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Norms).
1st Day:
Valley of Capão – Plains of Vieira and Plains of Rio Preto – Mr Wilson´s house
We begin the trail of the Valley of Pati passing through the high plains of Vieira, Rio Preto and Ruinha to arrive at the Mr Wilson´s house, where we will spend the night.
 Distance walked: 22 km. Level of difficulty: Difficult.
2nd Day:
 Hike to Cachoeirão for the day, and return to spend the night in Mr Wilson´s house.
Distance walked: 16km there and back. Level of difficulty: Medium
3rd day:
Mr Wilson´s house –Waterfalls Funil and Lajedo – Morro do Castelo – Dona Lé
 We start the day with a 40 minute walk (2.5km) to the Cachoeira do Funil (50m high) and then to Lajedo (10m high), for a swim. We will then have lunch in Dona Lé´s house, after which we will embark on the steep hike up to the Morro do Castelo (5km there and back). Dinner and overnight stay  in Dona Lé´s house.
 Distance walked: 10 km. Level of difficulty: Easy to the house of Dona Lé and difficult to the Morro do Castelo.
4th day:
Dona Léa – Mr Massur ´s house
We trek through the Valley of Pati to the house of Mr Massur, near to the Valley of Cachoeirão. We will stop for several swims along the River Pati. Homemade supper and overnight stay in Mr. Massur´s house.
Distance walked: 12 km. Level of difficulty: Medium
5th day:
Mr Massur´s house – Andaraí.
In the morning, we will complete the final hike up the ´Hill of the Empire´ to Andaraí.
Distance travelled: 16km. Level of difficulty: Medium.
Agency which organises this tour:
Chapada Adventure Daniel
+ 55 75 33341933 / 75 99283818 (24 horas) |

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