Mangue Seco


Two hundred and forty-six kilometers away from Salvador, the scenery of Jorge Amado’s novel “Tieta do Agreste”, Mangue Seco is the last beach of Bahia’s North littoral, bordering the state of Sergipe.

Besides the primitive landscapes of rivers and the ocean, Mangue Seco has another attraction, only found there and in Amazon River, the presence of the manatees that swim quietly in the waters of Fundo River, one of the many rivers that cut the region. Another river that flows by Mangue Seco, Real River, also has a local peculiarity: its waters are a bit salty and are lighter and easier to swim. There’s no doubt that Mangue Seco has a privileged location, which pleases surfers looking for strong waves as well as fishermen, since the region is rich in fish of every kind.

The village is located between the mouth of Real River and the immense white dunes that move with the wind. The difficult access – made exclusively by boat, through Real River – is what makes Mangue Seco more attractive and preserves its rustic atmosphere. The few streets are covered by fine and smooth sand. At night, children play while visitors listen to old tales told by fishermen or participate in serenades with the native population. Scarcely illuminated, the village offers starry nights, with extraordinary beauty during full moon.

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