“Ah! Just imagine, such madness all around
Happiness and joy are the state, that we call Bahia!
All the saints, delights and axé                
Sacred and profane, we Bahians are… carnival!”.

The anthem of the Bahian Carnival, the song “Bring everyone!”, by Morais Moreira, perfectly summarises not only the collaborative spirit, the beauty and the unequalled joy of the city of Salvador, but most of all, the frenetic madness which shakes up the city every February, during the biggest popular outdoor festival on the planet.

From the battered old car on top of which Dodô and Osmar performed, to the trios eléctricos (gigantic music-blaring floats) of todayFrom the traditional song “Mr. Nobody” by Dodô and Osmar, to the gigantic music-blaring floats of today, Carnival gradually gained status, infra-structure, and new artists, never failing to conquer the hearts of the merrymakers present. Within the cords of the floats, as “popcorn” in the midst of the crowds, or in the luxury of the stands, any reveler is sure to be transported by the music and experience an adrenalin rush of epic proportions. During the 6 days of non-stop parties, the great names of Bahian music will all be reunited in the 26km of roads and avenues of the city, performing on top of the trios.

In the interior of Bahia, there are calmer but by no means less interesting  options, such as the “Carnaoeste”, which occurs in the town of Barreiras; the carnival of the paradisiacal Canavieiras, in the south of the state and the “roots folly” in Palmeiras, in the heart of Chapada Diamantina. Last but not least, it is the festivities of Porto Seguro which stand out, which start a week after the official calendar date, in order to relive this euphoria, long silenced by the hangover lingering over the capital.
Copyleft 2019