24 Hour Beach


The musical program at Porto da Barra is called 24 Hour Beach and is divided between the floating stage, in All Saints’ Bay, and the stage on land, at the Discovery Mark at Porto da Barra. The program includes also Crafts and Gastronomy fairs, fashion shows, itinerant theater, cinema, sand sculpture and photography contests at Santa Maria and Santo Antonio forts.

The festival at Porto da Barra includes also the Art Square, where Bahia’s artists paint thematic pictures; a crafts fair; the free cinema of Petrobras and the boat tours around the floating stage.

Infrastructure- The event is supported by 30 state and municipal organs. In partnership with Sebrae, the tourism state organs promote actions with the local businessman, aiming at improving the quality of the services provided to tourists and turning Porto da Barra in a big entertainment and leisure area.


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