The 3rd Bahia Tourism Show opens on Thursday (08/05) with the participation of 87 cities

salao baiano de turismo

The event takes place at the Bahia Convention Center from 8th to 10th May, with sales of touristic packages with discounts of up to 30%

The 3rd Bahia Tourism Show opens at 2:00pm, Thursday, May 8th, with the presence of the state governor, Jaques Wagner, and the participation of 87 cities of Bahia’s 13 touristic zones. Each one will present their products in stands of 50 m², at the Bahia Convention Center.

Regarded as the biggest promotion event of the state, the Show will reunite travel operators and agents from all over Brazil, journalists and representatives of Bahia’s touristic cities, besides hotel chains, airlines, receptive agencies and the general public.

With a large structure, the event will allow the public to get in contact with the diverse artistic and cultural manifestations of Bahia, as well as visiting exhibits that portray the history and culture of Bahia’s people and obtaining, in one place, content about the nature wonders and information on travel packages, at promotional prices.

According to the secretary of Tourism, Pedro Galvão, this year the 3rd Bahia Tourism Show will be of a higher quality from the institutional point of view. “Knowing that around 52% of people who travel throughout Bahia are from the state, we want people from Salvador to visit our touristic zones more. And, this year, we will launch the 14th zone. Like Minas Gerais that has already registered the Estrada Real (Royal Road), we will have the Caminhos Reais da Bahia (Bahia’s Royal Pathways), following the routes of the caravans, coaches and chariots that took supplies and brought precious gems.”

The president of Bahiatursa, Diogo Medrado, says that the event will be a success, with a large structure that involves, besides Bahiatursa and the Secretariat of Tourism, the Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Hotéis (ABIH- Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry), the Associação Brasileira de Bares e Restaurantes (Abrasel – Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants) and the Associação Brasileira de Agências de Viagens (ABAV – Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies). “All the diversity of Bahia, with its 13 touristic zones, the rich gastronomy, the cultural manifestations and the most varied touristic activities will be highlighted during the three days of the event”, says Medrado.

Weslen Moreira, director of Bahiatursa’s Tourism Services and organizer of the Show, says that the mobilization for the event is a success. “87 cities of the 13 touristic zones, and something around 18 artisans that represent the creativity, the wealth of Bahia’s crafts have confirmed their participation, with the occupation of almost 100% of the commercial area. The participation of the professional sectors of ABRASEL, ABAV and ABIH has been amazing.”

Promotions – the International Forum of Tourism, Hotel and Gastronomy, the Expo Hotel ABIH – BA, the ABRASEL-BA Food & Beverage Exhibition and the ABAV-BA Tourism Show happen in parallel to the third edition of Bahia Tourism Show, that will offer promotions of travel packages to the public and discounts of up to 30%.

Stands of the touristic zones, 16 counters with attractions of the touristic segments, cultural manifestations, knowledge center, exhibition and sales of crafts, press room and a space for the round of negotiations, with the presence of 30 of the main operators in Brazil, here is the summary of the  3rd Bahia Tourism Show:

Stands of the touristic zones – Exhibition of the attractions of Bahia’s 13 touristic zones: All Saints’ Bay, Coconut Coast, Dendê Coast, Cocoa Coast, Discovery Coast, Whale Coast, Pathways to Jiquiriçá, Chapada Diamantina, São Francisco Lakes and Canyons, São Francisco Valley, Pathways to the Sertão, Pathways to the Southwest and Western Bahia.

Segments’ counters – In the institutional area, 16 counters will exhibit segments and the main tourism products of Bahia. Bahiatursa prioritizes actions in new segments and products, such as the religious tourism.

Round of negotiations – Carried out in partnership with Sebrae. The main travel operators and agents will get to know the attractions and tourism equipment of the state. There’s a space for 30 operators with commercial interaction. A fair to sell packages with discounts directly to the public takes place on May 9th and 10th.

Crafts Exhibition – The artisans will sell items that represent the state’s wealth. The public will have access to a variety of products distributed in 18 stands. Among the materials used, the highlights are pieces that use techniques in ceramic, lace, weaving, wood and mosaic.

Knowledge Center – An environment for learning and discussing themes related to tourism, with lectures, courses, workshops and round tables, with themes like Accessibility and Tourism, New Tourism Trends, Management of Restaurants and Tourism Generating Event. One of the activities is the workshop of the Centro de Defesa da Criança e do Adolescente (Cedeca- Child and Adolescent Defense Center). 


Event: 3rd Bahia Tourism Show

Date: May 8th, 9th and 10th

Venue: Bahia Convention Center

Time: 2:00pm to 8:00pm (Thursday and Friday)

9:00am to 2:00pm (Saturday)

Contact: Secretariat of Tourism + 55 71 3116-4118/ 3116-4103 and Bahiatursa + 55 71 3117-3031/3117-3081

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