1st Bahia Tourism Show received ten thousand visitors




The main marketing and promotion operation of the state, the 1st Bahia Tourism Show was a huge success. The event received ten thousand visitors in three days, reunited 120 Brazilian and foreigner operators, 40 national and international journalists, besides receptive tourism companies, hotels, representatives of the tourism segments and entrepreneurs of the 13 touristic zones of the state.

From the opening, with the presence of Bahia’s governor, Jaques Wagner and the minister of Tourism, Gastão Vieira, last Thursday (17), to the closing on Saturday (19), the 1st Bahia Tourism Show was praised by the representatives of the segments present. “I think we fulfilled our goal showing travel agents and operators that Bahia has sun and beaches but also several other attractions”, said the secretary of Tourism Domingos Leonelli.

Besides the Tourism Show, the second edition of the Abav-Bahia Fair took place in parallel with the event, with the participation of entrepreneurs that market the destinations in Bahia, Brazil and abroad. The president of Abav, Pedro Galvão, said that many deals were closed during the event.

Nelson Abreu Pinto, of the National Toursim Confederation congratulated the government of Bahia on the initiative, as well as the secretaries of Tourism of Rio de Janeiro, Ronald Ázaro and of Pernambuco, Alberto Feitosa. The president of Bahia Tourism Council, Sílvio Pessoa, highlighted the importance of the Show. “I think it was a very representative event, with important names of the national and international tourism trade”.


The operator Adriano Gomes, of Nascimento Turismo, highlighted that Bahia is an important product. “Among the ten Brazilian travel packages that sell the most, four are in Bahia: Salvador, Praia do Forte, Porto Seguro/Arraial D´Ajuda and Costa do Sauípe. The Northeastern region is a touristic pole in the portfolio of any operator, that’s why it is so important to participate in this event. Maraú Peninsula, Morro de São Paulo and Chapada Diamantina are the most sought after destinations. Besides, the festivals throughout the year motivate sales beyond the traditional Carnival” said Gomes in an interview to Pan Rotas.

According to Master Viagens, Praia do Forte is the most sought after national destination. “Bahia has always been a touristic destination that looks for the final consumers through professionals of the trade and in partnerships offers qualification throughout the year”, highlighted Bruna Castro.  

Lectures of the Knowledge Center

The lectures of the Knowledge Center, ministered during the 1st Bahia Tourism Show were attended by lots of people. Tourism graduates, entrepreneurs, students and professionals of the trade followed up the main trends of the market addressed during the lectures.

One of the most expected moments was the panel “The Independent Traveller”, coordinated by the blogger Ricardo Freire. On the occasion, he shared with the public what he lived during a trip he made to the Dendê and Discovery Coasts during twenty days. The lecturer told that it was necessary to travel by ferry-boat, motorboat, canoe and bus. Among the places visited were  Boipeba, Cairu, Belmonte, Canavieiras and Santo André, whose natural beauties were highlighted by the traveler that writes the blog Viaje na Viagem (www.viajenaviagem.com).
The Spanish historian Tony Galvez, the British journalist Alison Macgowan, the former football player Bebeto and one of the directors of Embratur, Marcos Lomanto also participated in lectures of the Knowledge Center.

The tourism satellite account and the new hotel ranking system, which will be implemented by the Ministry of Tourism were some of the themes addresses, as well as Geotourism.

Cultural Program

The tourism operators and travel agents that were present at the 1st Bahia Toursim Show had the opportunity to see and feel the rhythms of Bahia. A forró show with the artists Adelmário Coelho, Zelito Miranda, Gereba, Carlos Pitta, Léo Macedo, Cicinho de Assis, Jota e Cia and Val Macambira opened the cultural program of the event.

On the second day of the Show, Paulinho Boca, Fred Menendez and Jam no Mam were the main stars. In the closing evening, there was a parade with the main cultural manifestations of Bahia, besides the Fubica (the first trio) of Macedo family, the fife band and other artists.  




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