Pathways to the Sertão



The reddish scenery of this region is astonishing, where the clay ground cracks under the sun and the margins of the dried rivers form an unmistakable image, with various clay blocks in different shapes. They are real works of art that resist the sun, which is burning hot in the region.

The predominant vegetation is formed by dry, leafless plants, where the species that survive, such as the cactus, are the strongest ones, like the population of the region; a unique population that overcomes the poverty of the natural resources with naïveté and joy. Work force and hospitality are the main qualities of this people that seem to be amazed with everything they see.

Jorro’s thermal waters and the big mountain that is installed in Monte Santo, place with a different climate from the other localities, are sought after by tourists, who are looking for nature’s blessings in the middle of the dry land. Some fructiferous trees resist the climate and help men survive. 


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