Approximately in 1723, due to a drought in the region, some cowboys from a farm called Vargem de Baixo, that belonged to the brothers João Manoel and Manoel João da Silva, left in search for water and food for the cattle. Exhausted, the cowboys stopped near a narrow way amid the caatinga and fell asleep.

When they woke up and didn’t find the cattle, they followed the trails and found a slab, which had water accumulated in its small cavities, where not only their animals were, but there were also others pasturing. When they returned to the farm they told the farm’s owners about their findings.

The brothers turned the area into one more farm, causing the growth of the locality. Many years later the farm was open and people built their houses there and the place was called Arraial de Pedras. It grew and, in 1953, became a district called Itapiru, which belonged to the city of Serrinha. Later it was called Teofilândia.


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