It’s located by the margins of “Sobradinho Lake”, the biggest artificial lake of the world, where Sobradinho hydroelectric was built. With the construction, the cities of Remanso, Casa Nova, Sento Sé, Pilão Arcado and Sobradinho, went through a changing process marked by the removal of the cities’ populations from the places that would be occupied by the dam in the 1970’s. This fact had a great importance for these cities, in what regards urban structure, especially for Remanso, which was a disorganized city before with narrow streets and, after the change, became a beautiful and well structured city with wide streets.

Those who come to Remanso don’t lack fun options, especially those who enjoy forró (typical musical rhythm of the northeastern region). Remanso’s micareta (carnival that takes place in a different date) attracts people from the entire region and is the biggest annual festival of the city and the region. During the micareta, the city receives around 10 thousand tourists. Besides the micareta there’s also the annual Our Lady Rosário Festival, the motocross and much more.

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