Nova Viçosa


The extensive littoral involved by nature makes Nova Viçosa the right destination for those looking for peace and calm by the sea, under Bahia’s golden sun. Mangroves of the Atlantic Forest, the beautiful beaches of Barra Velha and Coroa Vermelha, crystal clear rivers and beaches with vast sand stretches – during low tide they reach 300 meters in width – give a special touch to the place’s landscape.

Among the innumerous ecological attractions, nature contemplates visitors with the aquatic ballet of the humpback whales. It takes place in July, when the whales come to the warm and calm waters of Bahia’s littoral to mate and feed their offspring. 

Fans of historical tourism may visit the colonial constructions that preserve the architecture of past centuries, such as Casa de Câmara, Our Lady Conceição Mother Church, Sobrado do Porto and the jailhouse, which date back to the end of the 18th century. At Helvecia Village the railway built in 1897 is still working. The city has a good touristic infrastructure with hotels, inns, bars, restaurants and travel agencies that provide, among other services, boat tours along the coast.



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