In a rare landscape, dominated by huge cliffs – which reach 18m in height-, amid sandbanks and mangroves, Mucuri opens in 35km of beaches, cut by innumerous rivers and creeks, in an almost deserted coast ornamented by sandbanks that go towards the sea. Costa Dourada (Golden Coast) is a highlight with untouched beaches involved by nature. Located in the far south of the state, exactly in the border with Espírito Santo, Mucuri is the first city in the Northeast region for those who arrive in Bahia in the southeast/northeast direction, and the last one for those who leave in the opposite direction.

Transition region between the East and the Northeast, Mucuri has very particular characteristics. Some habits from Minas Gerais, Góias and Espírito Santo were incorporated to the Bahian style. The cultural miscellaneous comprehends also influences from the Portuguese colonization and the indigenous tradition. Flat, full of trees and with strong characteristics of a holiday destination, Mucuri has options for day and evening. In the main avenue, young people gather around bars, snack bars and ice-cream shops. The good local infrastructure also has restaurants, hotels, inns, boutiques and crafts shops.


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