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Mucugê is what we may call a city privileged by nature. Located at 900m above sea level, set in the heart of Chapada Diamantina, it’s surrounded by hills, caves, rivers and waterfalls of endless beauty. Paradise of ecotourism and perfect for aquatic sports, the city shelters historical and equally beautiful sceneries, which date back to the mining age. Mucugê’s region, partially occupied by cattle farms in the beginning of the 19th century, was the first one to attract explorers eager for new precious stones mines.

The official history tells us that the first diamond of the region was found by chance: on June 25th , 1844, the godson of the important “coronel” Cazuza do Prado, Cristiano Pereira do Nascimento, found by sheer luck a precious stone while he was washing his hands in Cumbucas Creek. A short stroll by the streets of the city reveals the colonial mansions from the 19th century and the ByzantineCemetery, set in rocks. The secular architectural compound includes, also, the City Hall building, Saint Isabel Mother Church, the House of Culture and Leisure, the City Public Archive and the RegionalMuseum.


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