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Mangue Seco is the last beach at the far North of Bahia’s littoral located at the city of Jandaíra, bordering with the state of Sergipe. The beauty of the place, with several dunes and primitive landscapes, was very well described in the novel "Tieta do Agreste" by Jorge Amado.

There’s a variety of leisure options, with programs to please everyone from surfers, who find big waves in the region’s beaches, to fishers that can fish in the calm waters of the rivers; among them there are batoid fish, small sharks, besides manatees, a rare species, generally found in Amazonas River, which are found in the calm waters of Fundo River, one of the many rivers that cut Mangue Seco, a suitable habitat to reproduce.

Real River is also a highlight of the region. Its waters, a little salty, remind us of sea waters and are an unexpected surprise. The salinity amuses visitors by making flotation easier. The village is between the mouth of Real River and the immense dunes that are moved by the wind.

The difficult access – made exclusively by boat, through Real River – is what makes Mangue Seco more attractive and preserves its rustic atmosphere. The few streets are covered by fine and smooth sand. At night, children play while visitors listen to old tales told by fishermen or participate in serenades with the native population. Scarcely illuminated, the village offers starry nights, with extraordinary beauty during full night. 

The landscape, always breathtaking, gets even more beautiful when the moon is reflected in the waters of the rivers that surround the region. In a privileged position, at Estância Bay, Mangue Seco witnesses the encounter of the rivers Real, Piauí, Fundo, Guararema, Priapu and Saguí with the Atlantic Ocean.

The mix of fresh and salty water allows the formation of extensive mangrove areas and, consequently, a large offer of seafood. At the river’s beach, the coconut trees lean to the water. Along the entire margin, there are inns, bars, restaurants and fishermen’s houses, creating a good infrastructure for tourists.

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