Lauro de Freitas

What do you fell like doing? In Lauro de Freitas there’s no lack of leisure options for tourists. In the city, there are diverse nature wonders, with a special highlight for the centers of preservation and exploration of ecotourism, which is one of the local prides.

The incentive to sports is a reference for the entire state and, besides cultural tourism, is also one of the main attractions for visitors. Formerly called Santo Amaro de Ipitanga, the city has unique leisure equipments in the Coconut Coast, such as Ayrton Senna Kart Track, Jockey Clube da Bahia and Equus Clube do Cavalo.

All year round there are championships of surf, windsurf, volley, sailing, skateboarding, roller skating and diving. Fishing is another option, especially in the rivers Joanes and Ipitanga; with calm waters these rivers are navigable for small vessels and excellent for nautical sports.

The preservation areas are a must for nature lovers. There are basically four big parks concentrated in the Environmental Protection Area of Joanes River and private enterprises, also of ecological character. Religion is another local strong feature. The city has one of biggest concentrations of “terreiros” (Candomblé’s temples) in Bahia, which allied to the indigenous rituals and the traditional esoteric walks in the beaches, as the one of the Full Moon, give the religious syncretism touch to the place.

Considered one of the greatest investment centers of the state, inclusive in education, because of the implementation of some colleges, the city has some of the biggest enterprises of the industry, tourism and leisure of the state.

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