The city was established with the union of the territories of the parishes Santo Antônio de Jiquiriçá and Estiva, dismembered from the city of Valença, receiving the name Vila de Jiquiriçá. In 1891, the city was called Vila de Capela Nova de Jiquiriçá, until 1904 when it was simplified for Vila de Jiquiriçá. It became a municipality in 1938 and today is simply called Jiquiriçá. It has an extensive agricultural production, cattle-raising and growing touristic activity.

There are good hotels and inns in the city that receive an increasing number of visitors. Tourists are attracted by its nature wonders, such as Boqueirão and Jiquiriçá Rivers; Cutia, Guigó, da Guarariba, da Palmeira and do Boqueirão Waterfalls and grottos like Serra Pelada. Ecotourism adepts may also enjoy trails like Rota das Cachoeiras (Waterfalls Route).  

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