The lands donated to the general governor, D. Luís Brito de Almeida, in 1543, gave origin to the city of Jandaíra. The name of the city means “honey bee” in Tupi (indigenous language). It’s a littoral city at the Coconut Coast, located at the border with the state of Sergipe, separated from it by Real River.  

Located 202km away from Salvador, Jandaíra is the second biggest coconut producer of Bahia and also a passion fruit producer. The main touristic points are the district of Mangue Seco (246km from Salvador), Costa Azul Beach, semi-deserted, of warm and calm waters; Praia dos Coqueiros (Coconut Beach), with 6km in extension, coconut groves and mobile dunes that reach up to 35 meters in height; Real River, with clear and warm waters, suitable for nautical sports; Itanhi Waterfall and Garunga Fountain of limpid waters that spring from a grotto surrounded by the Atlantic Forest.


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