Costa do Sauípe

Costa do Sauipe is a mega enterprise in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the northern coast of Bahia. Linha Verde (Green Line), the Oceanside road that connects the states of Bahia and Sergipe, adds a unique beauty to the region in a completely preserved environment.

The complex includes five top international hotels, six theme inns, offering a complete infrastructure for both leisure and sports. For those who are interested in business trips, the complex offers an infrastructure for 3.5 thousand people attending to congresses, conventions, meetings, and workshops. All the hotels are prepared to receive events.

The theme inns are located in Vila Nova da Praia, a typical Oceanside village, which offers a very romantic atmosphere shown by a colonial chapel and its streets with paving stones. Each inn was created according to a specific theme, related to both Bahia’s history and culture.

Gabriela Inn is a tribute to a very famous character of one of the most important Jorge Amado’s books, and was built according to the characteristics of the typical old houses in Ilhéus, the city where the story takes place. Aldeia Inn was built a little farther from the other inns and reproduces a typical fishermen village.

Agreste Inn is a reference to the northeastern culture with colonial architecture and a “forró” atmosphere. Torre Inn was inspired in the first castle constructed in Brazil, by Garcia d’Ávila. The balconies and colors of Pelourinho Inn are similar to the ones we find in Salvador’s Historical District. The constructions in Carnaval Inn are in colonial style, and the colors of Ylê Aiyê, Olodum and Araketu, famous African groups from Bahia’s carnival.

Vila Nova da Praia is an entertainment center, which perfectly reproduces a small Brazilian town. You will find handcraft shops, bars, restaurants, a show club, a bank, a cyber coffee shop, a cultural center, a travel agency and an eco-travel agency. It is a place that invites the visitor to rest on a hammock and read a good book, as well as to enjoy the beaches, serenades and typical local parties.

The complex was constructed according to a landscape project, which aimed to integrate it to the natural local environment. The project included the original local vegetation, such as coconut palm trees, mangroves, sandbanks, dunes, rivers, and lakes, besides stretches of Mata Atlântica.


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