Conde concentrates several attractions for local people and visitors. Among them, there are many beaches, rivers, waterfalls, dunes and historical buildings. Sliding down the fine sand of Cavalo Russo, a dune with approximately 30 meters in height is enchanting for people of all ages; using a board, the person should go up the top of the dune, breath some fresh air and speed down until finding at the end of the sand, the cold and calm waters of Piranji River.

Among the beaches, we can highlight Artistas Beach because of its proximity to the famous Sítio do Conde, besides the calm and clear sea, surrounded by nature. There, the tourists will find huts and kiosks, which sell coconut water, cold beer and delicious seafood. Sítio do Conde is one of the most sought after spots due to the concentration of inns and the good infrastructure. It’s 6km away from Conde and 9km from Linha Verde, with a completely paved access. Because it was formerly a fishermen’s village, the environment blends rusticity and sophistication to enchant the visitors.

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