Bom Jesus da Lapa

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The city of Bom Jesus da Lapa, located on the right bank of São Francisco River ("The Old Chico" as the locals call it), receives every year, from July to September, more than 700,000 visitors, most of them pilgrims, asking for the accomplishment of their prayers and thanking God for the wishes grantes. Discovered in the 17th century by a monk, the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus da Lapa, considered a true Church, is settled inside of one of the 15 existing caves in Morro da Lapa.

The pilgrimages are organized in seasons. The first one, the Pilgrimage of Land (Romaria da Terra) or Mission (Missões), starts in July, when the local pilgrims go to the sanctuary. The Pilgrimage of Bom Jesus, the biggest one, beginning on July 20th, is accompanied by millions of visitors. The nine-day praying starts on July 28th and culminates on August 6th, a day consecrated to the city’s patron.    

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