Located on the banks of the Paraguaçu River, the city of Andaraí was founded in 1845 by Captain Joaquim de Figueiredo, who came from Minas Gerais with his family and employees looking for the riches that had just been found in the region. The name of the city means "bat’s river" in the language spoken by the first inhabitants of the place, the Cariri Indians.

Nowadays, there are around 6.000 people living in Andaraí and farming is its main economical activity. Tourism has grown a lot in this city as it offers easy access to the natural attractions of Chapada Diamantina. The geographic location of Andaraí, by the road that connects Mucugê and Lençois, has caught the attention of tourism investors. Andaraí is the second most important city in Chapada Diamantina and stands out for the colonial architecture of its houses where once lived the barons of diamonds and, of course, for its natural beauty. It is protected by the National Artistic and Historic Patrimony Institute – IPHAN.

The city, which has some infrastructure, can be reached by car or bus, taking the highway BA-142. From Andaraí, you can visit some internationally known spots, like Poço Encantado.

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