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Abrolhos is home to a large variety of fish. The sailfish, the red parrotfish, the butterfly fish, the angelfish, the butterfly fish, the parrot fish, the muttonfish, the swordfish, the moray eel, the porcupine fish and the sea-horses, among others, are part of this vast marine ecosystem, embellished by the biggest and richest coral reefs in the South Atlantic.

Its crystal clear waters offer the perfect conditions for diving, and exploring shipwrecks, like the famous Rosalina, which sank in the beginning of the 20h century, and also underwater caves.  It’s a true photographic safari at 30m under water and beams of colors and lights in the silent and impressive sea.

Formed by five islands – Santa Bárbara, Sueste, Redonda, Siriba and Guarita – Abrolhos is one of the most beautiful destinations in the south of Bahia, habitat of vast marine fauna and flora, and stage of exquisitely beautiful sceneries in a place blessed by nature.

There, the humpback whales are responsible for a show of leaps and pirouettes. At the terrestrial portion of Abrolhos National Sea Park, turtles spawn, while birds such as the white-bellied booby, sailfish, the pilot fish and jays, nest at different times of the year. The Park receives more than 15 thousand visitors annually, monitored by Ibama and the Humpback Whale Institute. The lighthouse on Santa Bárbara’s island, imported from France, illuminates the navigators’ nights.

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